Wednesday, September 15, 2010


This is a list of stuff that I want and have been on a manhunt for for awhile. The prices on eBay for some of these things is ridiculous.

Anthropologie Inverness Trench

I love this jacket. Of course, I love pretty much anything Alice wears. Even though I can't find this anywhere, I'd definitely take a look-alike.

Armani Exchange Plaid Shirt
This top is so cute. I have a black top with sleeves like this, but it's not plaid. Wish I could find this one as well.

Caslon Hooded Sweater
Caslon reissued this sweater for the 2010 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale but it was not in the Olive color and the pockets and buttons were a little off. It's definitely cute, I got it in the heather gray, but I'd love to find the original.

Free People Distressed Damsel Thermal
I know the coloring is off but I personally like the Free People Studded Cuff Thermal in Wine Wash rather than the one she has which is apparently the Distressed Damsel. I saw it tagged on Coolspotters and it's just not as cute.

Green Corduroy Jacket
I've been debating on buying the replica that NECA did on this. It's cute...but...I'm not in love. I've seen them on ebay for reasonable prices but no one ever has  large for a good price.

Inhabit Cardigan Sweater
This is definitely cute, but I've seen Inhabits prices and they think highly of their clothes. I'm sure any place this Fall and Winter would have a good alternative to this.

Lole Amazone Jacket
This is a jacket that will be a must have. It's way too cute. I've been debating on the beanie though - Can't decide if I really like it or not. I've seen some people on recreate it and it's cute but I'm not sure though.

Lucky Brand Henley
Soap Box: Most overrated item from any of the movies. This top isn't even cute and is selling for 100 on ebay. So ridiculous. Not a Bella shirt and doesn't look good on her. Stop wasting your money people.

Michael Kors Ombre Cocoon Jacket
I REALLY love Alice's jacket. The only thing I'm worried about is the way it's cut, doesn't make her look big, but it's certainly not flattering. So I'm worried that for anyone over 105lbs, it will make look like a big ol moo cow.

Splendid Rugby Stripe Henley in Cabernet
I wish when they reissued this, it would have looked like the original and not grey stripes instead of light pink. The reissued one looks stupid. I read somewhere they they didn't use the light pink stripe because they ran out of material? Can't you buy more? Whatever.

Splendid Vintage Whisper Henley in Lead
Some people have debated on whether or not this really is the Vintage Whisper Henley in Lead. I think this shirt looks black and the Lead is like a charcoal. I wouldn't think a sheer black henley would be so hard to find but apparently it is.

Sweater & Vest Outfit
Even though my mother tells me that she wore this outfit in 4th grade, I still want it. Finally someone on coolspotters tagged the undershirt as being an American Eagle Printed Off-Campus Henley but of course its sold out everywhere. Who the hell does the vest though? This is impossible to find. I read somewhere someone thought it was a Tommy Hilfiger vest but my god this one is impossible to find.

TNA Canvas Jacket
Another jacket I'm debating on. I think I'll probably pass on it - All of her jackets are starting to look alike to me now.

And lastly, the thing I want most and cannot find anywhere, Alice's white trench.
Not only can I not find this jacket to save my life, no one has any idea as to who the designer is. I bought the illustrated movie companion because everyone said it lists the designers in there, nope, not this one. Someone on coolspotters wrote that they thought it was Banana Republic since her scarf was - I e-mailed BR and described in detail the coat and gave photos, they had no idea what I was talking about. AND I refuse to buy the remake from because they charge $40 alone for shipping. I've asked people on what they would charge to make this, and most say about $200. NO thanks.
I want this jacket so bad. If anyone has any ideas as to who the designer is or any good alternatives PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!!


  1. Hi,

    I think the Trench Coat is from Burberry. My mother was in London 2008 and she said, she saw this one. Sadly she bought a different now. I emailed Burberry London and they said, it is the one that my mom saw. It's 1750 pounds. So, if you can get it for 200.- buy it. I am going to buy the one from and either tell them to make the color more a cream or if you know someone good on I would appreciate it, if you gave me a link.