Friday, September 10, 2010

Bella's Recreated Room

One of the first things I noticed from the movies was how cute Bella's room is! Before I did the changes, my room was pretty much a vampire lair. I had several Twilight and New Moon posters, as well as just some vampire posters and yes, one True Blood poster. It was just too chaotic and seemed teenager-ish. So, luckily I happened upon and was able to see all of the posts about Bella's bedroom!

Here's the beginning of Bella's room.

Orange Paper Lantern & Cord: Pier 1 (and it's on clearance now!)

Bella's Bird Silhouette - I bought on eBay. It's so wonderful and true to life! Great seller!

Pink Lion Wall Art - I saw this on eBay where someone had actually done an embroidery of it. But since it was so time consuming, they were asking quite a bit of money for it, which is understandable. While I fully intend to try and attempt this myself, for now, all I did was print the picture off Coolspotters and frame it. I did the same for the flower wall art.

I know mine is a little backwards from Bella's room, but it works.

I just got the plain shelf from Hobby Lobby. I think it was about $9.
I couldn't tell from the pictures what all Bella had on her shelf other than the photo of her and Edward (which I've adjusted to a picture of me and my boyfriend ;)) so I just went through Hobby Lobby and picked out as many funky knick-knacks as I could. What I have up there is 1.) A little plastic fake lotus flower in a bowl that was on clearance for $1.99 2.) Funky rainbow striped candles that I found unused in my basement 3.) I bought a square plastic holder, filled it with pretty colored rocks, and bought a couple bamboo shoots and cut them up to the size I wanted 4.) I don't really know what that thing on the end is, maybe a plant holder. It was on clearance at Hobby Lobby for $3.00

The wicker ball and metal dragonfly string lights I got at Target for $14.99 each.


I LOVE my new Ikea Orgel Rice Paper Lamp! Unfortunately, there is no Ikea around me, and they don't ship via their website apparently. So I just went to eBay and bought it! Only $9.88+ shipping!

This is the other side of my room with more of the dragonfly and wicker ball string lights. I also thought it would be cool to add the cork board, which I got at Office Depot.

Another Hobby Lobby find! All of the frames were 50% off when I went, so I think it ended up being about $7.00 for the frame and $10 for the wolf wall art!

Even though this isn't really apart of her room, I couldn't resist. :) I got this at Hobby Lobby as well for $7.00!

And lastly, here is the tea light candle set! I actually already had this before I noticed it was in the movie. I was working at a chiropractor's office and this guy came in selling these candle sets and for some reason I just had to have it.

Here are some stills from the movie:


  1. it looks awesome! i have the ikea table lamp too. it is right on my nightstand next to my bed so i can reach over and turn it on :) do you have the matching floor lamp like she does? i do, it is great! i went through ebay for both as well, no ikea near me either.

  2. Hey! No I don't have the floor lamp :( I really want one but my room is so small I don't think I have a place for it.